About Us

Your host, Colin Andrews

A podcast stemmed in curiosity, where we interview new PhDs and PhD candidates to better understand the diverse research topics being studied and talk about the impact their outcomes will have on technology and society.

Your host in Colin Andrews, I work with Grid Singularity to enable consumers to change their relationship with their energy use by enabling local energy markets with an open source peer to peer energy market platform. I love exploring and describing problems involving data, using math to solve hard problems, and working with people. I’m scrappy when required, and think novel approaches to problems can be pulled from an aggregation of other ideas in other subjects. That’s one of the motivations for this podcast, but I also just love hearing about the research our wonderful interviewees dedicate their lives to!

Connect with me on LinkedIn at LinkedIn, check out what I’m reading on Goodreads, or email us at somebodycallaphd@gmail.com and share ideas about the podcast content, how it could be better, or connect me with PhDs doing something worth sharing!