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#12 Violence in Media with Eduardo

Eduardo Prado Cardoso is a PhD student at Catolica Lisboa. He was a scriptwriter in Brazil and studied cinema. Eduardo is interested in how news and visual storytelling creates a narrative of crimes, especially violent crimes, and how this representation can be sensationalized. We spoke to him as the second interview in a two-part live session at Curious Monkey Cultural Association in Lisbon, Portugal.

#11 Dreams with Linda Koncz

Linda Koncz is a PhD student at Catolica Lisboa, and literally turned in her thesis the day she spoke with us live at Curious Monkey Cultural Association in Lisbon, Portugal.

Linda has always been obsessed with dreams. She originally studied cinema, and started interviewing people about their dreams when she got her first camera.

#10 The Philosophy of Visual Knowledge with Kim Albrecht

Kim Albrecht is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Potsdam in the field of media theory. As a knowledge designer and aesthetic researcher, Kim explores the boundaries of visual knowledge in the post-digital age. We’ll be talking about his research and its implications, and ask him why you’d call him if somebody said, “Somebody Call a Doctor!”

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